Employee Engagement

The White Glove Treatment: Treating Candidates and Employees as Consumers

What’s your definition of employee experience?  Here’s mine: A place to pick up new skills, tackle engaging projects, and be surrounded by whip-smart peers who support and challenge me. So in the instances that the magic didn’t happen, the flame died, or the match never even got the chance to light, where did it go [...]

Feedback Helps Loomis School District Improve the Learning Experience

School districts exist to serve their communities. When they do it well, everybody—not just kids, teachers and parents, but every member of the community—benefits from students who are better prepared for the real world and better able to make positive contributions to it. To figure out how well they’re accomplishing this task, however, districts need [...]

Explore the Potential of Cognitive HR for Employee Engagement at HRTechWorld Congress

“Unleash your people,” says the tagline for the HRTechWorld Congress, taking place in London on March 21-22. A great way of describing what cognitive HR has the potential to do: help discover employees’ true aspirations, skills and abilities and match them with opportunities within a company, resulting in higher employee engagement, which then delivers better [...]

Drawing Out Cognitive HR: Spotlight on IBM InterConnect Artist Tanya Gadsby

How do you wrangle the complicated ideas of corporate heads into a simple, impactful narrative? Just ask Tanya Gadsby, owner of Drawing Out Ideas, which specializes in live graphic recording and facilitation, animations and infographics. Gadsby will be on hand at IBM InterConnect 2017 from March 20-23 to create full-scale illustrations at the IBM Talent [...]

Explore the Future of Talent Management at IBM InterConnect 2017

This year IBM InterConnect asks the question, “How can you use the world’s biggest breakthroughs to unleash ingenuity?” Most people might not associate “ingenuity” with HR, but at no time in history has it been more important for new thinking in the way we approach talent management. Fortunately there are several breakout sessions at this [...]

Employee Engagement – Key Insights From a New Report

Recently, I was delighted to be asked to write the foreword for the latest engagement report form the Corporate Research Forum (CRF).  Knowing how critical employee engagement is to so many of our clients, I was keen to see if this new report could stimulate new debate and discussions. In the last year, our research [...]

How to Show your Employees the Love? Listen.

Even our data-loving IBM Smarter Workforce Institute researchers can be persuaded to turn to matters of the heart at this time of year. In this Valentine’s blog, we talk relationships … When it comes to successful personal relationships, listening to others is key. The same is true at work; good things happen when employees are [...]

Improve Quality of Care Through a Positive Employee Experience

The performance of healthcare professionals such as physicians and nurses directly affects the physical and mental well-being of patients. But what impact could a more positive – even more human – experience at work have on the performance of healthcare professionals? Our research found that a positive employee experience is clearly linked to better performance [...]

Four Key Lessons for Improving Employee Engagement

For over 20 years IBM Kenexa has worked with organizational clients to gather feedback from employees and provide them with the information they need to help drive change in their organizations. Our surveys have been conducted worldwide across a number of industries and sectors. For example, in the last 3 years we have surveyed over [...]