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Spotting sporting talent–Art or science?

Spotting sporting talent–Art or science? With the “Euros” (aka the UEFA Euro 2016 competition) currently underway, there is a lot of football (soccer) talk. Driving home from work the other day, just such a radio discussion caught my attention. A couple of ‘experts’ (ex-players and sports presenters) were discussing how to spot talent in the [...]

False memory

False memory Have you ever looked for your keys somewhere, certain you had left them there, only to discover that they are not where you thought they would be? Sometimes we remember things differently to the way they actually occurred. Sometimes we may even remember events that did not happen. This is called false memory. [...]

Cognitive computing for workforce analytics: Part 3

Cognitive computing for workforce analytics: What does it mean for HR? Part 3 In part 1 and part 2 of this blog I spoke to the power of cognitive computing, and how it changes our approach to talent analytics. I conclude with four other consequences for the future of HR: Fluid Skills Traditionally, people skills [...]

Cognitive computing for workforce analytics: Part 2

Cognitive computing for workforce analytics: What does it mean for HR? Part 2 In part 1 of this blog, I set the stage with an example of how IBM Watson used cognitive computing to think like a chef, and come up with an original tasty recipe. Now, I would like to address how Watson and [...]

We’re back SIOP 2016

We’re back: #SIOP16 Are you ready for a jam-packed week at the 31st Annual SIOP Conference in Anaheim, CA? With over 400 hours of conference programming, I’m looking forward to the wealth of thought leadership shared (some of which are highlighted below), from pre-conference workshops and symposia, to keynote speakers, panels and poster sessions … and [...]

Cognitive computing for workforce analytics: What does it mean for HR?

Cognitive computing for workforce analytics: What does it mean for HR? Workforce analytics—the analysis of people data to achieve business objectives—evolves rapidly. Artificial intelligence will help make it more user-friendly and insightful by extending human abilities and offloading some of the work to advanced computing systems. I would like to illustrate the evolution of cognitive [...]

Before you believe the millennial hype headlines

Four questions to ask yourself before you believe a millennial hype headline I’m a workforce scientist. My passion is using data that leads to a better workplace experience for employees and improves business performance. One particularly distracting topic that continues to attract headlines is the perpetuation of the myth around generational differences. So, what does [...]

Start the conversation! Three topics top of mind for HR executives

As part of the Smarter Workforce Executive team I spend a great deal of time with HR executives across North America. Across industries, geographies, and organizational sizes our conversations boil down to a few topics, in one form or another, that are top of mind for almost every HR executive. As we think about how [...]

Building An Engaged Team Is Hard Work

In times of increasing change and business challenges, organizations have to find ways of responding creatively. That inevitably requires people to cooperate with each other at a level far higher than they are accustomed to. I’ve found that it is rare that one person can produce either all the ideas required or be capable of [...]