Talent Analytics

Explore the Transformation of HR at IBM Connect

As IBM Connect itself transforms, taking place for the first time in San Francisco, what better year to explore the transformation of HR? The landscape is shifting under our feet, powered by new global dynamics as well as new technologies – not least of which is cognitive computing. There is virtually no part of HR [...]

The HR Journey to Cognitive (Part 1 of 3)

The talent landscape is being redefined with various factors impacting the way the HR function operates. Across industries, I am seeing an onslaught of new technology and data, a shift in workforce demographics and expectations, and continuous cost pressures. The time has come for HR professionals to be open to technology-driven possibilities that will allow [...]

Confused? You Won’t Be After this ‘Episode’ of … Decoding Workforce Analytics

Over the last few years at IBM my eyes have been opened to the powerful research methods and designs being used in workforce analytics. I’ve met economists using instrumental variable regression approaches, computer scientists working with neural nets, and sociologists deep into social network analysis. It can be hard to keep up with all of [...]

IBM Kenexa Wins Aragon Research 2016 Innovator Award in Cognitive Talent Management!

On Thursday, December 2, I was honored to accept the Aragon Research 2016 Innovator Award for Cognitive Talent Management on behalf of IBM’s Watson Talent team. This award recognizes those “who are leading the charge for change in their markets – or even creating entirely new categories – by leveraging or combining technology that others [...]

Reduce Hiring Mistakes With the Right Metrics

Hiring the wrong person can be a very expensive mistake. Consider the wasted cost of recruiting, selecting, onboarding, and training that hire, not to mention the negative impact onco-workers and customers. Then think about having to start the hiring process again to find the right person. Hiring mistakes are not uncommon; the latest IBM WorkTrends™ [...]

How Cognitive Technology is Easing HR Analytics Adoption

Over the last several years, the HR profession has started to transform from a mostly operational function to focus more on understanding the impact the workforce has on the business.  And this change is inspiring HR leaders to look at analytics in a new way for competitive advantage. Skills typically required for running analytics projects [...]

How can you Overcome Resistance to Adopting Workforce Analytics?

Despite a pretty much irrefutable case for the benefits of applying a data-driven approach to people decisions, many organizations are still struggling to get their workforce analytics initiatives off the ground. Overcoming the resistance blocking progress was the subject of my recent session at the IBM HR Summit in Boston with Dr. Sheri Feinzig, director [...]

What’s on the Horizon for Workforce Analytics?

The topics of workforce analytics and cognitive technologies were top of mind for the HR professionals attending IBM HR Summit last week in Boston. In a lively conversation moderated by Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research and founder/co-founder of upstartHR and HRevolution, a group of expert panelists, including Dr. Michael “Woody” Woodward, Executive Coach [...]

Winning Support for Talent Frameworks at Sprint

Companies have always made it a priority to find and keep people with the right talents, and yet, almost all are still plagued with skills gaps. New technologies can increase these gaps as the workforce needs to stay up to speed on mobile, social, cloud, analytics and now cognitive. The stakes are high, with a [...]