Dr. Sheri Feinzig

Five reasons AI can be an HR gamechanger

Written by Sheri Feinzig | July 9, 2019 | Employee Experience, HR and AI, Skills...

Wondering what artificial intelligence (AI) could do for your HR department? The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute has some suggestions. We interviewed 20 of IBM’s HR leaders responsible for bringing AI to HR to understand their experiences and to help other HR teams on their journey. Here are the top five reasons we identified for implementing AI ...read more

Making Moves Towards a Better Employee Experience

Written by Sheri Feinzig | August 6, 2018 | Internal Mobility, Smarter Workforce

“My boss sees my potential and is paving the way.” “What I’m doing is making a real difference.” For me, when those statements hold true, my working life is good. While not the only defining factors of my employee experience, knowing I have clear career development opportunities and meaning in my work make a real ...read more

AI in HR: Have you started your journey?

Written by Sheri Feinzig | June 27, 2018 | HR and AI, Smarter Workforce

Cognitive. AI. Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Intelligence. If it seems like AI dominates today’s conversation, you would be right. It’s been featured prominently in the news, dominates the business pages, entire books are devoted to it, and even entire conferences. What does AI have to do with HR? According to our research, quite a bit. Whether ...read more