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Join us at HR Summit Toronto on May 10th to Power Up HR!

There are four words that can change everything in your organization:

Empower Greatness. Amplify Potential.

These simple phrases represent far more than a minor shift in policies or a new way to do old things. It’s a mandate from the masses that the entire dynamic of the workplace has already changed.  It goes beyond free coffee and ping pong tables. It goes beyond performance reviews and more PTO. It even goes beyond your ATS or your payroll. It’s a fundamental transformation that is taking place in three key areas:

  • Engagement & Culture
  • Talent & Leadership
  • Cognitive Analytics

And, of course, the real trick is realizing that all of these critical initiatives go hand-in-hand, every day, across the enterprise, as CHROs and their teams of professionals work to acquire, grow, and retain top talent. With an increasing need to reduce data overload, make faster, better decisions and provide an agile, self-service environment, you need to enhance how people work – and improve their impact on the business.

So the big question is: are you ready to Power Up HR?

Join us on May 10th at the Hilton Downtown Toronto to discover the latest elements of success being activated in today’s demanding office space. We’re gathering HR executives from leading companies across Canada – including IBM itself – and industry-recognized thought leaders who are coming to share the latest and greatest in talent management. At this event you will:

  • Hear real life examples of how companies are infusing cognitive technologies to transform the way they attract, hire, engage, develop and retain the very best talent in their workforce.
  • Network and learn from HR professionals from both IBM and some of our most recognized and forward thinking organizations

To learn more or to register today, please click here. You can also follow us on Twitter at IBM SmarterWorkforce and stay tuned for speaker announcements, behind the scenes previews and much more!

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