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Explore the Potential of Cognitive HR for Employee Engagement at HRTechWorld Congress

“Unleash your people,” says the tagline for the HRTechWorld Congress, taking place in London on March 21-22. A great way of describing what cognitive HR has the potential to do: help discover employees’ true aspirations, skills and abilities and match them with opportunities within a company, resulting in higher employee engagement, which then delivers better outcomes for your clients and your bottom line. Will you be there to learn more?

1. Join us as we show you how IBM Watson Career Coach, a cognitive-based solution, can help increase employee engagement.  This session will also provide insight into real world examples of organisations using cognitive solutions to increase employee engagement.

Product Demo stream – Day 1, 14:55-15:15

  • Title: IBM Watson Career Coach: Using Cognitive Applications to Motivate and Retain your Employees
  • Presenters: Wendy Tandon & Alex Gibson

2. Take a look at how EY has made progress in engaging its workforce over the past six years and how business impact analytics have supported this work, enabling EY to refine its approach and measure the benefits of its investment.

Smart Data stream – Day 1, 14:30-14:50

  • Title: Show me the data! Strategic analytics to engage talent and increase performance in EY
  • Abstract: The talent agenda is central to EY achieving its strategic goals and engagement is a key part of that agenda. This session will explain how EY has progressed in employee engagement, how it drives action on engagement and how it will evolve its approach in the future.
  • Presenter: Daniel Murphy – Associate Director, Organisational Development, Talent Executive, EY

3. Visit us at Stand #304 to check out demos of some of our leading solutions that can help you hire the best and most talented people, engage them, help them succeed and never lose them!
4. Enjoy the IBM Experience: Are you a Visionary? A Match Maker? Let Watson Personality Insights help you find out which HR profile fits you best.

Looking forward to seeing you at HRTechWorld Congress, the premier event that showcases all the latest HR technology has to offer, and helping you learn how to unleash the potential of cognitive for the benefit of your people and your business. 

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