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How to Show your Employees the Love? Listen.

Even our data-loving IBM Smarter Workforce Institute researchers can be persuaded to turn to matters of the heart at this time of year. In this Valentine’s blog, we talk relationships …

When it comes to successful personal relationships, listening to others is key. The same is true at work; good things happen when employees are listened to:

  • Our research revealed that when employees are listened to and feel their

ideas and suggestions matter, 83 percent report a positive employee experience. When they aren’t listened to? Just 34 percent have a positive employee experience.

Interesting, but does it matter whether our employees have a great experience at work? Absolutely …

  • Our research also showed that employees who have a positive experience, with a sense of belonging, purpose, achievement, happiness and vigor, are more likely to perform at higher levels and contribute “above and beyond” expectations. They are also less likely to quit.

Now that we’ve convinced you that listening matters, consider how you listen …

  • Our previous research has found that the use of multiple listening methods (for example, surveys, polls, social media and wearables) was linked to higher reported organizational performance and reputation.

So, it’s not just our personal relationships that benefit from listening (and listening in different ways), your employees could also feel the benefit. Take the time and invest the effort to understand others’ perspectives, to see things from their point of view. It could do a world of good … and not only on Valentine’s Day, but all year every year.

For more on how to best capture the voice of your employees and create an effective employee listening program, visit our Employee Voice resource page.

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