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Work Could Give You a New Year Energy Boost!

Have you found yourself back at work after the break a little more weary than usual? The dark days and busy holidays can take their toll, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Our work experience could actually increase our energy and generate excitement. Sound appealing? Read on.

Research from the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute has identified vigor as one of five elements of the new IBM Employee Experience Index. Vigor isn’t the kind of energy you feel after a good night’s sleep, but the buzz you get from a great work assignment.  Work can, and many would argue should, give us energy not drain us. Especially at this time of year when we need all the help we can get!

And a great employee experience, including high levels of vigor, is associated with some great outcomes too.  Employees scoring highly on the Employee Experience Index are less likely to want to leave, have higher discretionary effort and report higher performance. They probably feel pretty good too!

Unfortunately, only 62 percent of respondents in our global survey said they currently feel excited by their work projects and are energized by their work, so there is definitely room for improvement.  What can employers do to improve their employees’ experience at work, including vigor?

Our research revealed that high levels of vigor are more likely to occur when:

  • Employees’ skills and abilities are being fully utilized and there is greater alignment to shared, core values
  • Employees are given the freedom to decide how to do their work and have opportunities for their voices to be heard
  • Employees receive feedback and recognition of performance, as well as opportunities for development

These aren’t complex or costly ideas, but they could help to energize employees not only now, but well into 2017.





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