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The Smart List: StarKist runs global supply chain with SAP in the cloud

Written by Rebecca Hardy | June 20, 2019 | Application modernization, Cloud, Manage cloud...

The Smart List features the innovative stories of leading IBM Services clients and partners. View more client stories here. StarKist is one of the largest and best-known names in the canned tuna business — a business that relies on complex global supply chains. Peter Caldwell, IT Director at StarKist, recently discussed how using a cloud more

Intelligent workflows 101: How AI helps deliver ketchup around the world

Written by Dayna Sargen | June 4, 2019 | AI, Automation, Process optimization...

Ketchup, at first glance, seems distinctly American—a condiment that is perfectly matched with fast food and Fourth of July barbecues. And Americans eat ketchup with pretty much everything—French fries, breakfast burritos, mac and cheese, and even ice cream—squirting it on an average of 9.74 meals a week. But ketchup, or “catsup,” is consumed with meals more

Extended reality part two: Shop and share ideas

Written by Armando Ortiz and Sara Oberst | May 8, 2019 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Digital reinvention...

In our first blog, we explored how extended reality (XR) changes the way we work and learn. Here, we dive into how XR is used to shop and share ideas. Imagine being able to try on a pair of glasses without going to a store — or even holding the actual glasses — simply by more

The Smart List: City Furniture finds shelter from natural disaster in the cloud

Written by Rebecca Hardy | April 21, 2019 | Business resiliency, Cloud, Journey to cloud...

The Smart List features the innovative stories of leading IBM Services clients. View more client stories here. Home furnishings company City Furniture has 29 retail locations, two distribution centers and roughly 1,800 associates spanning almost the entire state of Florida, placing it smack in the midst of the hurricane belt. Here, City Furniture VP and deputy more

How predictive maintenance impacts ATM support and customer satisfaction

Written by Domenic Ciccone | March 26, 2019 | AI, Analytics, Retail and consumer products

In some ways, ATMs are like your children. If you walk into your kid’s bedroom and notice that it’s suddenly spotless, you assume that something big is about to happen: a request for more allowance, to attend a concert or maybe to borrow your car. Experience has taught you their behavior, so you prepare yourself more

Data analytics guru Milena Arsova travels the globe championing ATM predictive maintenance

Written by Erin Poole | February 4, 2019 | AI, Analytics, Retail and consumer products

If you’re looking for your daily dose of inspiration, meet Milena Arsova, technology and innovation leader with IBM Technology Support Services. Based in Bulgaria, Arsova is part of the team that started predictive maintenance at IBM. she travels across continents, advocating a data-based approach for banking technical support. Why? She’s personally invested in solving big more

The Smart List: How an AI service desk inspired Brazil’s BRF to think differently

Written by Adam Kleiner | October 23, 2018 | AI, Automation, Process optimization...

With more than 30,000 enterprise technology users in locations around the world, the IT service desk for Brazil food company, BRF, keeps as busy as any. This reality was part of the Itajai, Santa Catarina-based company’s interest in implementing an AI-powered help desk. In 2017, BRF implemented IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson and gave more