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Q&A: How open source is shaking up the IT landscape

Written by Camilla Sharpe | August 20, 2019 | Business transformation, Cloud, Open source

Open source software has become a critical player in the IT world, where 96 percent of commercial applications now include some kind of open source component. Open source technology gives users unprecedented freedom to tailor source code to specific needs and share new versions with other users. The results of this dynamic, open collaboration can more

Application containerization, Part I: The silver bullet for enterprise digital transformation

Written by Dewakar Manickam | August 8, 2019 | Cloud, Digital reinvention, Open source

After months of meticulous planning, business strategy iterations, acquisition of project funding and business approvals, and analyzing competitor portfolios, products and services, you’ve finally launched a great product — only to find out a competitor was ahead of the game. One of your customers requested a feature addition to a B2C application but it required more

Five ways to prepare for a multicloud future today

Written by Joel Plavin | August 8, 2019 | Cloud, Open source

The most significant recent evolution in cloud computing is the shift toward multicloud environments. According to research from the IBM Institute for Business Value, 85% of enterprises already operate a multicloud infrastructure and 71% are using more than three types of cloud. By 2021, that percentage is projected to soar to 98% of enterprises planning more