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Data center IT support is key in your enterprise’s digital transformation

Written by John Manasso | June 18, 2019 | Business transformation, Digital reinvention, Journey to cloud

The IT support landscape for modern IT environments is more challenging than ever. 94 percent of enterprises now use hybrid cloud models, with a mix of public, private and dedicated cloud environments and countless SaaS applications. Many CIOs worry about how they will manage this new mix in a consistent way, across all the vendors more

Do you really need a desktop? Three trends driving change in the modern digital workplace

Written by Henry Cipriano | May 4, 2019 | Business transformation, Digital reinvention, Journey to cloud

This won’t be news to you, but I’ll say it anyway: the idea of a “standard” workplace is changing. Employees are increasingly using more than one device to accomplish their work, often from multiple locations and using a variety of cloud services and applications. To do more than just keep up, it’s important to examine more

The Smart List: City Furniture finds shelter from natural disaster in the cloud

Written by Rebecca Hardy | April 21, 2019 | Business resiliency, Cloud, Journey to cloud

The Smart List features the innovative stories of leading IBM Services clients. View more client stories here. Home furnishings company City Furniture has 29 retail locations, two distribution centers and roughly 1,800 associates spanning almost the entire state of Florida, placing it smack in the midst of the hurricane belt. Here, City Furniture VP and deputy more

Pioneers of Possible: Building a network for the cloud with Archana Vemulapalli

Written by Erin Poole | March 23, 2019 | Cloud, Journey to cloud

What do smart trash cans, schools and multicloud infrastructures have in common? They all need networks to function. In this episode of the Pioneers of Possible podcast series, General Manager of IBM Network Services Archana Vemulapalli  (former chief technology officer of Washington DC), talks about how network services are the backbone for many enterprise solutions. more

Need help with your cloud journey? Learn how to accelerate application migration and modernization

Written by Varun Bijlani | March 13, 2019 | Cloud, Journey to cloud, Manage cloud

Nearly all our clients face the same challenges with the cloud. They want to enable new capabilities with velocity and agility, know which applications should be migrated where to unlock extra functionality, and reduce costs with increased efficiency. In a world that is increasingly hybrid and multicloud, with the complexities associated with data and security, more

Pioneers of Possible: Why data is the new oil in the Middle East with Bashar Kilani

Written by Erin Poole | February 19, 2019 | Cloud, Digital reinvention, Journey to cloud

In this episode of the Pioneers of Possible podcast series, we chat with Bashar Kilani, IBM Services Region Executive for the Middle East. Bashar works with local enterprises, helping them integrate IBM managed services, software and systems. Can you talk a bit about how technology is impacting the Middle East? The Middle East is an up and more

Client spotlight: Mitsubishi Australia matches growth with cloud migration

Written by Erin Poole | January 29, 2019 | Automotive, Cloud, Journey to cloud

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd.’s cloud migration journey began with the knowledge that purchasing a vehicle is a big decision — one that requires trust between a salesperson and potential buyer. The entire process must run smoothly to provide a positive customer experience. Mitsubishi Australia is a division of the global Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The organization more

Client spotlight: LiquidPower fuels cloud migration without disruption

Written by Rebecca Hardy | January 23, 2019 | Cloud, Energy and utilities, Journey to cloud

When it comes to cloud migration, regardless of scale, one thing that keeps execs up at night is the need to migrate without disrupting customers. This certainly was the case when the team at LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc. (LSPI) was tasked with becoming a standalone company within the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio, and in just a more

Pioneers of Possible: Follow the data with Charlotte Wang

Written by Rebecca Hardy | January 16, 2019 | Automation, Cloud, Journey to cloud

In this episode of the Pioneers of Possible podcast series, IBM Services Chief Technology Officer and Distinguished Engineer Charlotte Wang shares the experiences that led her to a career in automation solutions and hybrid cloud architecture systems integration. Wang specializes in designing complex automation and cloud architecture solutions, and integrating infrastructure elements. Outside of work, more