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Agile transformation and the critical role of HR in creating positive, lasting change

Written by Zachary Goldberg and Lauren Kramer | January 23, 2020 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Cognitive enterprise

Modern enterprises recognize that strategic agility is good for business. Agile transformations present a fundamental shift in how companies operate day to day. They change how people work, engage with customers and manage employees. The reasons why companies undergo these transformations vary. For many enterprises, the objective is two-fold: they want to deliver higher quality more

Tackling global uncertainty with agility and technology

Written by Martin Flemming | January 20, 2020 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Cognitive enterprise

The technological and economic transformations of the past decade have been some of the most dramatic in history—and they help explain much of the uncertainty business leaders are now confronting. To succeed in the decade ahead, leaders must be prepared to act and adapt in new, yet sometimes daunting, ways. Technology will both drive this more

Digital reinvention for insurance: Differentiating through IoT, analytics and UX

Written by David Kwon | December 10, 2019 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Digital reinvention

No matter how good your customer experience is, it can always be better. Financial services organizations have invested heavily in digital experience for many years, with focus on experience design, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). Although successful, the efforts have been mostly siloed, tactical and (at worst) no longer differentiating. A major more

Forging human connections for next-generation customer experience

Written by Carole Irgang | November 25, 2019 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Digital reinvention

Deepening and creating a relevant human connection with consumers has become one of the top marketing industry trends and priorities. Technology has empowered consumers and increased their expectations for a superior customer experience across multiple platforms. This shift has made understanding people on deeply personal, emotional and cultural levels essential for marketers trying to break more

Activate your CX North Star by focusing on enterprise experience

Written by Billy Seabrook and Carolyn Baird | November 21, 2019 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Digital reinvention

“Making the world a better place,” as parodied by HBO’s popular TV series, Silicon Valley, is not a brand purpose. Especially in today’s virtual environment, companies realize that their brand needs to stand for something beyond just the transaction. Instead of a lofty, vague, and essentially meaningless sentiment, a brand purpose needs to be brand-authentic, more

3 mainframe trends to watch

Written by Erin Poole | November 19, 2019 | Business resiliency, Cognitive enterprise, Multivendor management

More than ever, industries such as banking, retail and healthcare rely on mainframe computing power to manage hundreds of applications processing large volumes of data to simultaneously serve hundreds of thousands of users. A recent report by Allied Market Research finds this trend is fueling the mainframe market, estimated to reach $2.9 billion by 2025. more

Why digital transformation starts with workflows that unite people and technology

Written by IBM Services | November 13, 2019 | Business resiliency, Cognitive enterprise, Process optimization

The business problems were not going to be easy to solve — if they could even be solved at all. One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies needed a process to measure sales and to rapidly deploy new solutions across its portfolio of 200 brands. And elsewhere in Europe, companies small and large more

Why digital experience is critical for health insurers

Written by Paul Stoddart and Carrie Worley | November 6, 2019 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Digital reinvention

Health consumers are changing, and traditional healthcare services are no longer cutting it. With digitization continuing to reshape expectations, consumers are shouldering a larger share of health costs and taking a more active role in care, and they’re no longer satisfied by the status quo. Instead, they’re looking for more personalized, responsive, digitally-enabled services — more

Design innovation vs. production: Striking the right balance with a design system

Written by Billy Seabrook | November 4, 2019 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Digital reinvention

Consistency and customer experience happen by design Digital technology is in a state of perpetual change. At the same time, customer expectations continue to rise, putting additional pressure on an organization’s ability to meet and engage customers with consistency and ease across every channel. All too often siloed teams are challenged with meeting or maintaining more