Tim Wholey

A cognitive supply chain control tower sees over mountain-sized production and delivery obstacles

Written by Tim Wholey and Pradeep Singh | December 2, 2019 | Automation, Cognitive enterprise, Process optimization

There’s no time like the present — unless you run a supply chain. Shepherding products, parts, food, clothing and other wares across a supply chain in today’s digital-powered world requires visibility and the ability to predict the immediate future. As we’ve written about previously, companies need real-time information and advanced insights to foresee and properly ...read more

Collaborative business planning harnesses the power of the global supply chain

Written by Saif Rivers and others | October 10, 2019 | Business transformation, Cognitive enterprise, Process optimization

We’ve written a lot about how new technologies are building a better supply chain. But technologies such as AI, IoT and advanced analytics can only achieve their true potential if all parties within the supply chain network are working together. Even the smallest, most well-intentioned decisions made by individual stakeholders can cause catastrophic failures in ...read more