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Cognitive solutions creating closer relationships with banking customers

Written by Dayna Sargen | August 14, 2019 | AI, Automation, Financial services

The financial environment is changing quickly. The world in which banks make money by converting short-term savings to long-term loans is disappearing. To succeed, banks need to sell a more diverse set of products while maintaining a close relationship with their customers. Laurent Prud’hon, head of the Cognitive Factory team at Crédit Mutuel, says artificial more

Healthcare analytics: Leveraging data as a strategic asset

Written by Dayna Sargen | August 5, 2019 | Business transformation, Healthcare

The global healthcare industry is experiencing fundamental transformation as it moves from a volume-based business to a value-based business. With increasing demands from consumers for enhanced healthcare quality and increased value, those in the healthcare industry are under pressure to deliver better outcomes. Analytics can provide the mechanism to sort through all the complexity. And more

The cognitive era is now. How connected is your business?

Written by Dayna Sargen | July 31, 2019 | AI, Cognitive enterprise

Cognitive building blocks are shaping current and  future technology within the analytics and cognitive computing domains, including big data, cognitive computing and data science. Every day, cognitive solutions are helping global enterprises produce smarter processes, that lead to smarter decision-making and innovative thinking which equates to doing smarter business. It means doing more with less more

Co-creating innovation with real partnering: A smart path to digital transformation

Written by Dayna Sargen | July 15, 2019 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Cognitive enterprise

In this ever-evolving technology landscape, companies across all industries face the difficult, yet necessary task of constantly trying to balance the right technology resources, knowledge and competencies that will prime them for growth and success. As new technologies emerge, it is even more challenging for companies to attract and find the talent with these new more

Intelligent workflows 101: How AI helps deliver ketchup around the world

Written by Dayna Sargen | June 4, 2019 | AI, Automation, Process optimization...

Ketchup, at first glance, seems distinctly American—a condiment that is perfectly matched with fast food and Fourth of July barbecues. And Americans eat ketchup with pretty much everything—French fries, breakfast burritos, mac and cheese, and even ice cream—squirting it on an average of 9.74 meals a week. But ketchup, or “catsup,” is consumed with meals more

Intelligent Workflows 101: Graham Wright on the future of procurement

Written by Dayna Sargen | May 10, 2019 | AI, Application modernization, Automation...

Think about the last time you purchased a work computer. The process probably involved research, verifying company-approved brands and models, comparing options online or via a physical catalog, and then patiently wading through multiple approvals. That’s hardly the responsive, agile procurement approach needed to support today’s busy teams and demanding customer experiences. Graham Wright, IBM’s more

20 years in: The state of the CX profession

Written by Dayna Sargen | August 6, 2018 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Digital reinvention

A key theme of the Forrester CXNYC event was how customer experience can and should drive growth for the business. Yet the headline from Forrester’s 2018 CX Index stated the industry appears to be plateauing. Consumers said that brand experiences are overwhelmingly mediocre—62%—and the number of consumers who think experiences are above-average continues dropping each more

Wake-up Call | Jacqueline Wild: The paper chaser

Written by Dayna Sargen | July 25, 2018 | Business resiliency, Business transformation, Cognitive enterprise

“Everybody told me I was crazy,” Jacqueline Wild says of the time in 1999 when she quit her job and embarked on a road trip through South Africa. “But I remember standing at the edge of the world in Cape Town, looking out at the ocean, and thinking I had made it — I could more

The power of co-creation

Written by Dayna Sargen | July 19, 2018 | Business resiliency, Business transformation

Companies are struggling to identify innovative solutions for breakthrough products and services, compounded by a lack of method to bring them to fruition. Co-creation—the concept of gathering teams from across an enterprise to design, prove, and launch innovative programs—is an increasingly vital tool today, says Lori Victor Feller, IBM Garage Global Leader. AI and analytics more