How your IT organization can mobilize new ways of working

CIOs must bolster remote workforces to keep businesses running

By | 1 minute read | April 14, 2020

The world has transitioned to new ways of working at an unprecedented scale and speed. As a result, IT leaders face a bevy of challenges from this suddenly remote and dispersed collective workforce.

Front and center are getting devices into the hands of remote workers, managing multiple communications solutions, shoring up network infrastructure to handle the increased load and ensuring data security.

“Today, about 95% of the IBM workforce is working from home,” said Joe Damassa, IBM Services’ VP of strategy and offerings for infrastructure services. “This new way of working has impacted us all, and I am personally amazed by how flexible, adaptive and resilient all our colleagues and clients have become.”

Here are four areas IT leaders must consider to mobilize and enable new ways of working during these extraordinary times:

  • Device deployment and desktop virtualization
    • Devices for remote work and secure, reliable access to business data and applications
  • Contact-center services
    • 24 x 7 help-desk support
  • Network preparedness for remote collaboration
    • Reliable, secure network and collaboration tools
  • Support for worldwide IT ecosystems
    • Ongoing maintenance to ensure high availability across the multicloud environment

“This really comes down to two main focus areas,” said Damassa. “The first is infrastructure. Do we have the right devices, network capability and systems to support this new model? And the second is applications and business processes. Are we working in a way that will ensure business continuity?”

Tune in to Joe Damassa’s webcast to dive deeper into these topics and to learn how IBM is helping companies accelerate agility and efficiency with cloud.