Shaping the future of the Cognitive Enterprise

IBM Services elevates new global class of experts in digital, AI, blockchain and hybrid cloud to support clients in their next chapter of digital reinvention

By | 2 minute read | December 20, 2019

The next generation of the Cognitive Enterprise is evolving in real time – some may say at warp speed. Two years ago, the debate centered on whether incumbent companies facing disruptive upstarts in their industry could survive. Those incumbents were starting to fight back — experimenting with business platforms that combined their data and the expertise of their people.

Today, those companies are moving rapidly from experimentation to scaling those efforts to create market making business platforms. They are turning to exponential technologies like AI, blockchain, automation, 5G and hybrid cloud to enable intelligent workflows and transform critical business processes that will create highly personalized experiences for their employees and their customers. And success is not only dependent on technology implementation but also changing how people think, interact and collaborate. Yet, a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study found that 72% of CEOs rate their companies as average or poor at adapting in response to emerging business trends.

Businesses require a consulting partner with the right capabilities and breadth of experience to meet them both technologically and culturally to help drive this change. Each year IBM graduates hundreds of expert client advisors who understand these advanced technologies and the nuances in applying them to processes within and across different industries and geographies. Our newest group of partners includes leaders who are considered specialists in over a dozen industries in markets across the world. They offer forward-thinking perspectives that are culturally attuned to the countries in which we work. And they are able to act as the “tip of spear” and tap tens of thousands of experts skilled in these latest technologies, from within IBM and our partner ecosystem to meet the demands of today’s global businesses as they create new business platforms and change how they work.

Yara, for example, is a fertilizer company that’s reinventing itself around its market making business platform to be a farm information and agronomic data capability for all the European farming network. It is transforming the relationship between small farmers and farmers at every scale with their whole value chain.  And now there are already 280,000 farmers leveraging Yara Weather, a completely different relationship with Yara but also an opportunity to create massive new services across that entire value chain.  So, these market-making business platforms are real.

As businesses prepare for their next chapter of digital reinvention, trusted partners with holistic approaches to managing business and societal challenges are essential and at the heart of any successful transformation. IBM stands at the intersection of business, technology and society — responsible stewards of global technology helping our clients on their cognitive enterprise journeys.


Mark Foster is Senior Vice President of IBM Services and Global Business Services.