How data center challenges may hinder digital transformation

By | 1 minute read | September 26, 2019

History books no doubt will show cloud among the hottest IT topics of 2019.

Cloud is both a pathway and a puzzle. According to Frost & Sullivan, 75% of IT leaders say the cloud is the most critical part of their entire digital transformation strategy. Unfortunately, many of them learn the hard way that weaving together cloud-based resources with legacy IT is not exactly turnkey. That’s especially true of the corporate data center.

Findings from the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Global Cloud Survey help paint a more vivid picture of the situation.

Moving to hybrid cloud

  • 80% of respondents to the survey say their hybrid cloud strategy is essential to remaining competitive.
  • 72% say they’ve deployed a hybrid IT environment or will do so.
  • 71% say they expect to deploy open source projects in their hybrid environments.

“I think a lot of companies realize this is no longer a playground for developers,” says IBM Services CTO of Multivendor Services Jens Rathgeber. “They understand the need for a sound strategy; a plan to make sure everything runs smoothly once deployed.”

Challenges along the way

Of course, best intentions can be stymied by operational realities. Among challenges most often cited by survey respondents:

  • 76% of IT leaders say they spend too many resources on IT maintenance.
  • 67% say they lack sufficient in-house cloud expertise.
  • 65% say maintaining consistent app performance is a persistent challenge.
  • 62% say the top challenge in implementing their hybrid multicloud strategy is integrating data center and cloud environments.
  • 58% say they struggle to manage multiple vendors and providers.

“Getting down to the root cause — that’s where the time is spent,” Rathgeber says. “In those days when we had monolithic apps sitting on dedicated servers, problem determination was straightforward. The problem was either the app or the server.

“Now, it’s a system of systems. Apps are built of microservices. Everything from mobile phones to mainframes is connected. In a hybrid world where multiple clouds and on-premises IT are involved, orchestration is needed. That’s an important learning for the C-level, and they’re rethinking how to leverage their partner ecosystem.”