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By | 3 minute read | August 27, 2019

More and more businesses are discovering that data and analytics are essential components of a successful digital transformation. Clients around the globe in different industries are learning to co-create and co-innovate with IBM using data and analytics to transform their organizations. The focus is on data science and machine learning, and on bringing new technologies and ways of working to clients, according to Cathy Reese, Global Advanced Analytics Practice Leader at IBM.

“The most important element of digital transformation is being open to new ideas, being able to listen to what technology is coming,” she says. Clients want to know how transformation can drive value for their organization and how it changes the way their employees work and the way that their end customers ultimately view their company. There’s a lot of change involved, and clients have their concerns.

In a recent interview, Cathy went into detail.


Question: What are some of the most recent challenges that your clients have faced?

Cathy: A lot of our clients actually worry about just change: the pace of change, the change of technology, but more importantly how are their people going to change along with them? How are they going to re-skill? How are they still going to fit in? What new jobs do we need to create? Helping them think about not just the technology aspects of the change, but really the culture and bringing alongside their employees that they have.


Question: What do you think is one of the most important aspects of developing a strong client partnership?

Cathy:  I think having trust. Our clients come to us because we’re a trusted brand; we’re a trusted name. We can bring them multiple solutions and try new things without having to create everything from scratch.


Question: What do you think a smarter business looks like?

Cathy: A smarter business is being able to apply all the different technologies that are out there, right? We have artificial intelligence. We have machine learning. We have data. But [it’s about] being able to put all that to work to come to better actionable insights and being able to really operationalize those insights and take the action when they need to.


Question: What’s been your experience around innovation?

Cathy: Innovation to me is working alongside of our clients. We co-create with them. We sit there and bring together people from multiple different lines of business, different expertise, even some of their end users and their clients. [Then we ask] how can we think about this problem differently and be creative?


Question: How do you go about partnering with our clients and not being kind of the outsiders that come in?

Cathy: Partnership is so important. The client I’m working with today, he gave me the best compliment, saying: “You guys are our partners. We’ve interviewed so many consultants before you, and we knew we could stop when we met IBM. You guys treated us like partners. There’s things that you can do to help us. There’s things that we can do to help you, and we trust you, and we’re really looking forward to doing this digital transformation with you.”


Question: What do you think are some of the personal characteristics of people at IBM that make us so successful?

Cathy: I think IBMers are people. We are so creative. We’re so curious. We’re not afraid of big ideas. We’re not afraid to kind of bring different, quirky things and test them with our clients and really show the humanity of like getting behind their mission and wanting to see them succeed.

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