Take an agile approach to your cloud future

By | 2 minute read | August 20, 2019

Meet TOM – the operating model of the digital era

Building value and providing compelling customer experiences at lower cost requires more than just a quick technology fix. Instead, it demands a business and technological commitment to a new way of running your business using a target operating model (TOM). This targeted approach combines digital technologies and operational capabilities for yielding improved revenues, richer customer experiences and lower operating costs. Enabling digital capabilities via the TOM is an ongoing process that requires DevOps skills and agile development techniques. This can be facilitated with partners like IBM that have the expertise and requisite capabilities to help with the creation of new digital assets, leaving you to focus on your core business functions.

Your crystal ball to value

The TOM is the operational manifestation of your corporate vision and strategy – what you need to do, how to do it and all the other associated execution details. Digital-era TOMs should be focused on the complete reimagining of the customer experience, an exercise that often reveals opportunities to simplify and streamline processes across the enterprise, potentially unlocking massive value. This can only be achieved where there is strong collaboration between business and IT units and an understanding of how DevOps and agile ways of working change the technology conversation.

“Overcome cloud technology ‘inertia’ by viewing cloud not as a destination for ‘digital stuff’ but as a way to think and act differently as a business.”

Source: 451 Research, 2019 All Rights Reserved.


An architectural approach to your multicloud strategy

To keep technology aligned with your business goals, you need to establish a multicloud strategy within a dynamic TOM, with the right technology allotted to achieve it. However, even companies who have already invested in cloud and have migrated applications to a cloud infrastructure know they are not yet operating in a ‘cloud-native’ way – within a TOM . Although they have adopted a cloud-first strategy for apps and infrastructure, they are stuck moving forward using old business operating models that focus on current needs and are losing the forward momentum to a more digital future. Often, their change-resistant processes are defeating efforts at business nimbleness and can cripple progress towards establishing a new TOM.

No doubt most enterprises have a deep knowledge of their markets with highly skilled and committed employees to meet current customer needs. However, from a digital perspective, many are standing still. To build a new TOM, they need to transfer qualities from their current operating model, including financial resources, existing customer bases and established brands, as well as tried and trusted operational processes that comply with regulatory requirements. In order to operate as agile digital entities, they need an integral link between the new TOM and their growing investment in cloud. That link is created by establishing a composable architecture to support the execution of the digital initiative’s target operating model.

Every enterprise needs a trusted partner who has the expertise and tools to put a solid TOM in place.  They also need guidance in establishing a TOM that aligns with their cloud journey, consortium formulation and leadership support in executing the transformation programs. Last but not least, they need a strong suite of industry solutions and associated partnerships with an expert facilitator.

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Source: The Holistic Approach to Multicloud for Digital Operation, 451 Research and IBM, 2019, All Rights Reserved.