The cognitive era is now. How connected is your business?

Cognitive building blocks are shaping current and  future technology within the analytics and cognitive computing domains, including big data, cognitive computing and data science. Every day, cognitive solutions are helping global enterprises produce smarter processes, that lead to smarter decision-making and innovative thinking which equates to doing smarter business. It means doing more with less – more efficient, more productive and more secure in less time, with less manpower and less money. These emerging technologies are  allowing for  unparalleled employee, client and consumer experiences using cognitive data analytics, cloud technology and mobile app development.

Meet the cognitive experts

During the recent Think 2019 conference, GBS services met with Glenn Finch,  General Manager of Cognitive Business Decision Support at IBM to get his thoughts on the changes and challenges enterprises face today.

As new cognitive technologies emerge, organizations are clamoring to get in on the action. But as important and forward-thinking that these cognitive solutions can be for an enterprise, the dilemma many face is where to start, where to focus priorities — how to fully embrace digital change with AI or analytics. But just because any direction is possible, what actually makes the most sense?  “The biggest challenges that I see with our clients is to pick a place to start,” said Glenn, “making a journey that’s purposeful and agree on what’s going to matter along the way. Making meaningful steps and driving value.”

According to Glenn, there’s two businesses that will double in 2019, the AI business and the data business. With AI, IBM can actually do something with that data and change KPIs – change business outcomes. Check out the full video to see where AI and data are going in 2019 – how it may just sway your cognitive strategy.

Why IBM is the right partner to help drive change

“The thing that I love about IBM is its constant need to reinvent itself,” said Finch,  “I think the most important characteristic in a partner is trust…With all my clients, there’s some transformational aspect to the relationship where we both lean in and we both make commitments that are tied to business.“

Watch the full video for Glenn’s viewpoint on becoming a cognitive business.