Unlocking the value of SAP applications in the digital cloud

By | 2 minute read | May 8, 2019

Has building your technology core around SAP applications made your company more efficient? Are you still increasingly concerned about the ability to compete with digital native organizations?

Today’s executives and line of business managers demand real-time data, intelligent automation and reliable customer experiences. In contrast, IT leaders don’t always have the resources necessary to execute a full IT refresh every 24 months. When there’s a mandate to drive ongoing maximum value from a legacy SAP portfolio and deliver unrelenting performance at scale, the right Application Development and Management (ADM) strategy can help.


Optimize the core with enhanced application management


An effective ADM strategy begins with optimizing your core. SAP applications power every aspect of the enterprise. However, as the underlying technologies continue to evolve, there’s pressure to migrate to new platforms such as SAP S/4HANA. If this option isn’t on your immediate roadmap, there are alternative solutions to streamlining your operations that are on a lean budget and within reach.

ADM strategies allow organizations facing reduced SAP service levels and limited IT capabilities to bridge their existing infrastructure and achieve their goals. By building on high-integrity Watson AI, it is possible to introduce automation and cognitive computing capacities that increase performance and minimize resources. Applications become self-healing as Watson tools identify issues and build proactive management and optimization strategies into ongoing automation.


Unleash the power of digital with enhanced speed to market


As AI, data and intelligent workflows become central components of business technology, organizations are turning their SAP solutions into sources of competitive advantage. Introducing new features, rolling out intelligent workflows and finding ways to deliver a better customer experience doesn’t mean you have to invest in an entirely new platform. IBM ADM offers solutions that introduce automation and cognitive computing as a wraparound to your existing SAP applications.

With traditional application development strategies, it can take months until applications are released in the market. By introducing agile delivery principles and DevOps strategies to the SAP landscape, you can reduce application deployment time from weeks to days. Whether you’re upgrading an application or introducing cognitive features to extend capabilities, rapid application development as a service for installed SAP environments puts new possibilities within reach. Automation can even help reduce the risks, accelerate the timelines and manage the costs behind migrations and upgrades of key SAP applications.


 How to optimize your ADM approach

Breaking out of traditional approaches to Application Management and Development gives your organization an edge. IBM ADM allows you to continue optimizing the value of your investments without sacrificing high-velocity performance and user experience. It begins with a comprehensive take on what’s involved with application modernization — from automated application management to streamlined development and deployment.

Getting more from your SAP solutions is possible, whether your KPIs are focused on increasing efficiency and reducing incidents, controlling costs or unleashing the power of digital with new development capabilities. IBM’s SAP Application Management and Development solutions combine IBM’s vision, approaches and global partner ecosystem to help clients achieve their goals, optimize the value of their investments and continue evolving their SAP landscape.


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