Need help with your cloud journey? Learn how to accelerate application migration and modernization

Nearly all our clients face the same challenges with the cloud. They want to enable new capabilities with velocity and agility, know which applications should be migrated where to unlock extra functionality, and reduce costs with increased efficiency. In a world that is increasingly hybrid and multicloud, with the complexities associated with data and security, this is not easy to answer. So they have been turning to companies such as IBM for help.

During the recent IBM Think 2019 conference, we had the opportunity to address our clients’ concerns and offer some concrete tools and methodologies to help them navigate this complex environment and advise them on their journey to cloud.

We introduced the Cloud Advisory Tool (3:30). This analyzes a company’s full portfolio to identify opportunities to optimize, migrate and modernize. The tool can help determine which applications to move, the potential value of cloud enablement and the roadmap to get there. We have recently been helping Tribune Publishing, and they spoke at Think this year about their experience.

Sarp Uzkan, VP of Information Technology at the Tribune Publishing Company, discussed the challenges his business faced as their revenue model shifted from serving advertisers who got great value from print advertising to charging consumers for great content — and facing competitors like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

They had to transform their operations to be digitally focused and modernize, simplify and automate their technology and processes. They decided they needed a multicloud approach to meet their unique business needs, but they didn’t have the expertise to effectively look at their wide application portfolio and navigate towards their target.

“We knew we needed to identify what workload to move to which cloud model to best meet our requirements… and prioritize migrations based on business case. IBM had the know-how and tools to help us do that.” — Sarp Uzkan, VP of Information Technology, Tribune Publishing Company

IBM consultants worked with Tribune to understand their priorities. They used the Cloud Advisory Tool to build detailed reports and scenarios that helped the company make decisions and supported their funding requests. “IBM was able to tell us current costs and projected savings to migrate versus modernize, as well as important tradeoffs for risk and agility,” according to Uzkan.

With IBM’s advice, Tribune migrated their consumer-facing applications in a public cloud environment and are operating there effectively. They paid back their technical debt, accelerated speed to market and leveraged cloud-based services like PAAS and Dev Ops, all the while optimizing their costs. For their remaining on-prem services, they have costs by app and have a detailed business case for cloud migration.

IBM Services for Cloud Strategy and Design

We were excited to announce our new IBM Services for Cloud Strategy and Design at Think 2019. They provide a comprehensive set of consulting services (including the Cloud Advisory Tool) to advise our clients on design, migration, integration, road mapping and architectural services. Our enhanced cloud agnostic capabilities — combined with our Cloud Innovate tools, IBM Cloud approach and automated decision accelerators — can help companies, like Tribune, architect a better, holistic approach to cloud.

We’re looking forward to helping our clients create a smoother, more cost-effective transition to the cloud. Let us know if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation.