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Requesting new features in IBM Cloud Identity

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Roadmaps and ideas drive our development teams to deliver the highest quality of product. Without ideas from the community and our clients, we lose insights into how the product is being used and how we can make it work better for them. We encourage everyone who wishes to make IBM Cloud Identity better to submit enhancement requests (or RFEs) to the Offering Management team for review.

Requests for new features can be for:

  1. New additions and functionality
  2. New strategy focus
  3. Improvements to end user experience
  4. etc…

Evaluation is done weekly by the Offering team

Our goal is to make submitting ideas easily, without barriers, and to efficiently communicate directly on the status of those requests and when they are planned to be released into production. Through this method of enhancement requests, we are able to acknowledge requests faster and communicate quickly. And for us, your submissions provide insights into how missing that feature affects your project, which helps us learn about our customers and prioritize more effectively.

How to submit an idea for IBM Cloud Identity

There are two ways to submit an idea; one is public and the other is private.

Private method – IBM Cloud Identity Idea Form

This will take you to the IBM Security private submission form for Cloud Identity. All submissions made here will be private between the submitter and the Offering team.

To make you familiar with the idea submission form, you should make note of the following fields:

  • Your idea – this is a one sentence ask that represents the idea for later reference. e.g. “Support offline TOTP for Windows”
  • More details – this is an open area for you to provide more detailed information around the ask. More detail to provide our product teams to really understand the nature of the ask is best.
  • Idea priority – choose how this idea affects your project or experience. You can rank from “low – nice to have” to “critical – showstopper” as an example.
  • Company name – if you choose to add a company name, it will help us filter on organizations for reporting purposes
  • Tell us who you are – this field allows us to communicate directly back to you for status updates and requests for more information.

IBM Cloud Identity Add new Idea


Public method – IBM Cloud Identity Ideas Community

In your Cloud Identity’s admin portal, at the top right of your screen you will see a (?) icon. Click that and then select “Submit an Idea”. This will take you to the IBM Security Idea Community. This is a public community which lists out all public submissions and allows you to vote on ideas submitted by clients to drive priority. You’ll also be able to view the current status of the ideas that were submitted and reviewed by our product team.

To add a new idea, click the button at the top left of the community page.

Remember, all ideas submitted here are public so please refrain from submitting personal information (PII) or specific architecture. Also, any files uploaded will also be visible to the community.

A couple of items to point out that you can view on ideas within the community. The first is the reference number, indicated by CIC-I-#. You may use this number for tracking purposes when communicating with the IBM teams; a support ticket, for example.  Another note is a vote area where you can add your vote to the counter which will increase the priority level to our product team. You can also see the submission status which indicates if the idea has been acknowledged, reviewed, accepted, delivered, and declined. You may also add comments to ideas to give more clarity to a community idea.

IBM Cloud Identity RFE Ideas

Status and Roadmap

Ideas will be updated with the following status so you stay informed and up to date on ideas submitted privately by you or publicly through the community.

  • Submitted – Idea has been received. It has not been reviewed by the Offering team yet.
  • Under Consideration – Idea was reviewed and acknowledged but may require more information to be accepted.
  • Uncommitted Candidate – Idea was accepted by Offering and is being prioritized and aligned to a future release. The timeline on the future release however is not identified.
  • Planned for Future Release – The idea has been aligned for a future release within one (1) quarter.
  • Delivered – The idea has been executed and delivered into production.
  • Declined – The idea will not be implemented. Refer to the comment from Offering for more information.



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