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IF001 for IGI now available

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On July 19, 2019 we made  IF001 on top of IGI publicly available on FixCentral.

This iFix include some strong performance improvements especially within the Access Certification module.

Improvements are made in the following areas:
a. Time to launch Campaign Summary Page (Especially in the event of a high number of campaigns). This improves by about 58-74%.
b. Time to enter the Campaign in Service Center, basically to view the Entitlement View. This improves by about 19-28%.
c. Time to navigate between page sizes of 50 to 200, in the Entitlement View. This improves by about 28-35%.
d. Time to do bulk-approvals, even as high as 200 approvals in one-go. This improves by about 63-73%.

Note: Points b, c & d are applicable for User Assignment Campaign.

The above improvement statistics are deduced in our performance environment, in the course of a series of fixes in the above areas. Statistics vary in different scenarios, different campaign configurations hence, sharing a range of numbers.

The comparison baseline is an IGI build before we delivered the changes to Show / Hide Progress Bars in the Summary Page.

Point to note is that the improvement assumes that you have configured the AC module to “Not show Progress Bars upfront” and also the individual campaigns to “Not show Progress Bars upfront”. These are specific switches that we introduced in IGI

Our advise is, when possible, to upgrade the IGI environment to  IGI + IF001, in case Access Certifier is being used as a norm


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