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IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence Trial

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IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence Trial

Identity governance and administration (IGA) is a fundamental building block of your Identity & Access Management strategy. IGA tools manage digital identities and access rights across multiple systems and applications. They help you answer questions such as:

  • How are you managing the provisioning and de-provisioning of access accurately and efficiently?
  • How are you fulfilling regulatory compliance mandates?
  • How are you handling access requests?


A new Identity Governance solution can be a large undertaking. That’s why we’ve put together a trial experience for you to test out the product first-hand. IBM Security now offers a complimentary 45-day trial of Identity Governance & Intelligence (IGI), our leading on-premise identity governance and administration solution. This trial allows you to experience key use cases within the product. To assist with your experience, this blog entry walks you through the exercises and tasks featured in the trial. This is a live and fully functional Identity Governance environment, with more than 2000 sample user records, roles, and risk definitions.


Register for the trial here:

If you have any questions, please reach out to


The trial is broken out into five weeks. Each week highlights a different Identity Governance function, with helpful lab guides and demo videos to take you through the product. Click here to view the trial roadmap with supporting resources.


Five weeks of Identity Governance & Intelligence:

Week One – A Basic Overview of IGI Concepts

  • Tour of the Administration Console
  • Tour of the Service Center
  • Access Governance Core
  • Managing the exchange of data
    • Loading data using the Bulk Data Load tools
    • Loading data using the Enterprise Connectors
  • Role lifecycle management
  • Exploring roles
  • Exploring role mining
  • Access risk control modeling
  • Certification campaigns


Week Two – Role Lifecycle Management

  • Role definition
    • Creating a new role
    • Adding entitlements to a role
    • Publish the new role
    • Add scope to the new role
    • Assign the role to a user
    • Verify success
  • Role consolidation
    • Observing and consolidating existing entitlements
    • Analyze the new role for impact and risk
    • Publish the new role
    • Add scope to the new role
    • Consolidate the new role
    • Verify success
  • Role mining
    • Prepare for the role mining process
    • Create a data snapshot for data exploration
    • Review the analysis for potential roles
    • Use role mining to discover a new role
    • Analyze the discovered roles
    • Release the role to Access Governance Core
    • Publish the new role
    • Add scope to the new role
    • Consolidate the new role
    • Verify success


Week Three – Risk Control Modeling

  • Business activity mapping
    • Business activities, permissions, and risk relationships
    • Add new business activities
    • Map business activities to permissions
    • Map permissions to business activities
  • Define Segregation of Duty (SoD) risk and assign mitigation controls
    • Define a new SoD risk
    • Assign a mitigation to a Segregation of Duty risk
  • Check for Segregation of Duty violations
    • User risk violation analysis
    • Check for new risk violations
    • Assign a mitigation to a risk violation


Week Four – Certification Campaigns, Access Recertification and SoD

  • Creating user assignment certification campaigns
    • Configuring a certification dataset
    • Configuring a certification campaign
    • Launching a certification campaign
  • Certifications campaigns in action
    • Running a certification campaign as the reviewer
    • Supervising a certification campaign


Week Five – A Day in the Life of a Business User, Reporting

  • The Service Center
    • Log in to the Service Center
    • The Service Center dashboard
  • Working on pending requests
    • Evaluating, approving and rejecting requests
    • Requesting a new application access for a team member
  • Certification campaigns
    • Evaluating running certification campaigns
    • Redirecting evaluation to another reviewer
    • Tracking progresses
    • Generating certification campaign reports


Ready to get started? Register today!


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