IBM Security Access Manager Java Runtime Environment (AMJRTE) Deep Dive – Part 1 : Overview and Compatibility

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What is the purpose of the AMJRTE?

The IBM Security Access Manager Java Runtime Environment (AMJRTE) provides a Java implementation for IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) Administration and Authorization APIs.

Administration APIs are used to administrate the Access Manager environment with operations like :
– User Creation
– Group Creation
– ACL Administration
– POP Administration

Authorization APIs are used to access ISAM User and Group information as well as build ISAM Credentials.

More information about our Administration APIs can be found here :
IBM Knowledge Center : Introduction to the Administration API
IBM Developer Works : PDContext and PDAuthorizationContext Guidelines

How does Compatibility Work?

Compatibility support for the AMJRTE is dependent on the Policy Server version.

A supported configuration is a PD.jar version that is equal to or an earlier version than the current Policy Server version.
In other words, our Policy Server is backwards compatible with the APIs in the PD.jar as per the following documentation :
Compatibility with earlier versions of the product

We are not forward compatible.

Consider the following ‘pdversion’ output :
[root@fimlpar5:/]# pdversion
Security Access Manager Runtime
Security Access Manager Policy Server

Security Access Manager Runtime for Java

This output would indicate that a PD.jar version of or lower is compatible with this policy server and is available for a supported configuration.

Compatibility Matrix

PD.jar Version ISAM Policy Server/Authorization Server Version WebSphere Version Java Version*+† –
1.6.0‡ –† –
1.6.0‡† & (GSKit
1.8.0*** – –

Notes :
* – APAR IV49797 is resolved at 6.1.1 FP11
† – These versions are out of support. Please obtain a supported PD.jar from your systems or from the EOS Version’s latest Fixpack
‡ – Please refer to the IBM Java Life-cycle for supported JVMs
*** – TAI++ was the only functionality tested with Java 1.8. The compatibility does not include Java Administration APIs.

** Disclaimer **
This matrix is complete as of Firmware Version

Please refer to the following documents for up-to-date compatibility :

Placeholder for TAI++
Placeholder for eTAI
Placeholder for AMJACC

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