Carsten Hagemann

By Carsten Hagemann on April 26, 2019

Verify your One-Time password configuration

One-time passwords (OTP) are widely used as a 2nd factor to add an additional layer of security to your account’s login. IBM Verify and the SDK support the generation of time-based (TOTP) and hash-based one-time passwords (HOTP) for SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512. Despite that its configuration is considered as “easy”, it can be time-consuming to […]

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By Carsten Hagemann on November 20, 2018

Create your own Authenticator

The IBM Verify SDK 2.x, released in November 2018, provides developers a convenient way to create their own authenticator with IBM Cloud Identity Verify (CIV) and IBM Security Access Manager (On-premise) solutions without the need of handling different APIs. Whilst the SDK contains documentation about itself, it does not explain the end-to-end flow of bootstrapping […]

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By Carsten Hagemann on November 1, 2018

Getting started with the IBM Verify SDK

The IBM Verify SDK is a library available for Android and iOS and provide classes to create rich native client mobile applications that interact with IBM Cloud Identity and IBM Security Access Manager, so that enterprises can easily integrate flexible and intelligent multi-factor authentication into their applications. Multi-factor authentiation (MFA) verifies an indiviual’s identity by […]

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