Presented Today at IEEE Conference: Making 5G a Reality

When Bodhisatwa (Bodhi) Sadhu was starting out his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BITS Pilani in India in 2003, students would have to wait in line 30 minutes or more to make calls home on one of the two landline phones on campus. By the time he graduated in 2007, everyone had […]

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IBM 5 in 5: Hyperimaging and AI will give us superhero vision

I have been an electronics enthusiast ever since I was in elementary school. To put together an electronic device that interacts with the physical world in some way has been my passion and I still remember the excitement I felt when I built my first circuit in 6th grade – even though it was simply […]

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The future mobile experience: millimeter Wave radios and 5G Wireless

Last week was a special one for wireless communication engineers like myself. Last week was “Microwave Week,” or the week during which the largest radio frequency and microwave meetings of the year are hosted, bringing together thousands of engineers and scientists to learn, share ideas and envision the future of how humans interact using radio […]

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