Storm in a log file: A one-man weather station

On February 7, 2009, scorching temperatures baked southeastern Australia, while a strong, northerly wind shaped a head-high swell rolling into the southern coast. The surf was excellent and I was thankful to cool off in the Southern Ocean waters near Melbourne, Victoria, but it was a different story inland, where more than 400 bushfires raged. […]

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Deep Thunder now hyper-local on a global scale

Want to know the amount of rain two days from now in a specific location, down to a fraction of an inch, or the intensity of the rain? Our Deep Thunder weather technology was designed to deliver this type of hyper-local, specific weather forecast with upwards of 96 percent accuracy. And it’s about to become […]

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Building my own weather app with Watson and Bluemix

I am from Moyvore, Westmeath in Ireland – about 100 kilometers from IBM’s research lab in Dublin, where I work. In the winter, when it’s particularly cold (around 5 degrees Celsius) at home, I need to leave the lab a bit early, before the roads ice over. As often happens, the temperature in Dublin is […]

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