Watch IBM’s AI System Debate a Human Champion Live at Think 2019

IBM Research and Intelligence Squared U.S. host a live public debate featuring Project Debater, the first AI system that can debate humans.

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IBM Sets Tera-scale Machine Learning Benchmark Record with POWER9 and NVIDIA GPUs; Available Soon in PowerAI

Today, at IBM THINK in Las Vegas, we are reporting a breakthrough in AI performance using new software and algorithms on optimized hardware, including POWER9 with NVIDIA® V100™ GPUs. In a newly published benchmark, using an online advertising dataset released by Criteo Labs with over 4 billion training examples, we train a logistic regression classifier […]

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IBM Research at Think 2018

Quantum computing, future of AI and celebrity guest speakers make up the IBM Research lineup for Think 2018, IBM’s upcoming megaconference in Las Vegas. IBM Research will be the feature of over 45 sessions at Think 2018, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 19-22. IBM’s biggest industry and innovation event of the year will […]

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