Pushing liquids to their limits with next-gen materials simulation methods

Materials in industrial and engineering applications, such as iron and steel, are often used at extreme pressures and temperatures or in complex environments where their properties may be very different from those found under normal circumstances. Perhaps the most famous example of this in practice are the exterior tiles of the NASA Space Shuttle Columbia, […]

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IBM scientists demo social simulator

Real life is taking a step closer to The Sims video game series. This week at SuperComputing 17 in Denver, Colorado, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) is introducing series of demos, including new research from IBM scientists in Japan which can simulate social situations such as shopping at the mall or an emergency […]

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Oil and Water Really Do Mix: Simulating the world of micro-hydrodynamical phenomena

Have you ever wondered why milk is so white or why mayonnaise appears so thick and yet it can flow out of the bottle? Are you aware that these such substances are just oil and water mixed together though they look and feel like neither of them? It turns out that these delightful little mysteries […]

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