Silicon Photonics

The Pockels Effect on Silicon: A New Material for Ultra-Fast Data Transfer

As data grows, so does the energy consumption required to store and process it, which is why scientists around the world are turning to light (photonics) as a means of moving data. The Pockels effect, an important phenomenon in certain materials, allows changing the optical properties of the material through an electrical stimulus. The effect […]

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You asked scientist Jessie Rosenberg anything about silicon photonics

Here’s what she said about flying qubits, wafer-scale photonic test systems, and more Silicon photonics uses light, versus electricity, to send signals from a microchip. IBM engineers use these pulses of light to increase the connectivity and bandwidth between datacenters for faster data transfer over longer distances. But silicon photonics isn’t just for datacenters. IBM […]

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Silicon Photonics: The future of High-Speed Data

Editor’s note: This article is by Dr. Will Green, Silicon Integrated Nanophotonics  department manager, IBM Research IBM’s research in brain-inspired computing, quantum computing, and silicon photonics is preparing to take computing in entirely new directions. The neuromorphic chip is getting smarter, the quantum bits are being scaled out, and in the near future, my team’s […]

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