Get Ready for the Sentiment of Things

Is 2017 the year of the “Sentiment of things”? It could be if IBM Research intern Anca-Nicoleta Ciubotaru has her way. She recently took 3rd place in a hackathon using IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson services for a unique project which uses human stimuli to adjust the lighting in a room. Can you introduce yourself? Anca-Nicoleta Ciubotaru (ANC): I was born in Pascani, […]

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IBM’s “cool things” czar

A job title typically offers a modest description of a profession: accountant, attorney, engineer, scientist. Sometimes, though, they’re spontaneously bestowed on someone who brings a unique point of view to her profession. Which is how Maryam Ashoori, a computer scientist and designer by training, was named IBM’s “cool things czar.” Maryam joined IBM Research’s Cognitive […]

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Serving up sake bistro analysis

Don’t let a sea of unstructured data hide good sake What makes a good Japanese sake? Sake is sensitive to temperature. Flavor changes as it is served cold, room temperature, heated warm or hot. Particularly, heating sake to a preferred temperature in a precise amount of time is no easy task to master. Oh, and […]

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