Using IoT, AI and cloud technologies to advance home-based integrated care

One of the largest growing demographics in the EU is individuals aged 65 and over, and two thirds of this group are in situation of multimorbidity, i.e., perons who suffer from two or more chronic diseases. The ineffective treatment of multimorbidity has been pointed out as an urgent problem to address by the Academy of […]

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Tracking tuberculosis in South Africa

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 80 percent of the South African population has latent Tuberculosis (TB), with about 450,000 active TB cases in 2013 alone. Last year, TB deaths overtook those of HIV/AIDS, making it the world’s deadliest infectious disease. A significant number of infectious TB cases (about 37.5{ccf696850f4de51e8cea028aa388d2d2d2eef894571ad33a4aa3b26b43009887} globally) go undetected and […]

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IBM’s “cool things” czar

A job title typically offers a modest description of a profession: accountant, attorney, engineer, scientist. Sometimes, though, they’re spontaneously bestowed on someone who brings a unique point of view to her profession. Which is how Maryam Ashoori, a computer scientist and designer by training, was named IBM’s “cool things czar.” Maryam joined IBM Research’s Cognitive […]

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