Nature Communications

Graphene Puts Nanomaterials In Their Place

Nanomaterials offer unique optical and electrical properties and bottom-up integration within industrial semiconductor manufacturing processes. However, they also present one of the most challenging research problems. In essence, semiconductor manufacturing today lacks methods for depositing nanomaterials at predefined chip locations without chemical contamination. We think that graphene, one of the thinnest, strongest, most flexible and most […]

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Novel Synaptic Architecture for Brain Inspired Computing

IBM scientists developed an artificial synaptic architecture, a significant step towards large-scale and energy efficient neuromorphic computing technology.

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Computational Biologists Find Inspiration for Machine Learning Cell Cycle Sorting Method in an Unlikely Place

The lifespan of cells in the human body varies greatly, from as short as a few days, such as those in our stomach lining, to the cells in our bones, which live for 25-30 years. And for each healthy cell, no matter how long it lives, there is a tightly coordinated series of events that […]

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