IEDM 2020: Advances in memory, analog AI and interconnects point to the future of hybrid cloud and AI

At this year’s IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, IBM researchers will describe a number of breakthroughs aimed at advancing key hardware infrastructure components, including: Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic Random-Access Memory (STT-MRAM), analog AI hardware, and advanced interconnect scaling designed to meet those hardware infrastructure demands.

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IBM Systems Research: AI and Hybrid Cloud Can Advance Only as Far as Hardware Can Take Them

IBM Research plays a crucial role in advancing the foundational technology needed to support the artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud technologies driving IBM’s strategic business goals.

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Researchers celebrate 20th anniversary of IBM’s invention of Spin Torque MRAM by demonstrating scalability for the next decade

“A new mechanism is proposed for exciting the magnetic state of a ferromagnet.” Twenty years ago, these words were written by IBM scientist John Slonczewski in his seminal paper entitled “Current-driven excitation of magnetic multilayers” in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. Today, they are helping scientists overcome several technical hurdles in the development […]

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