machine vision

A second set of eyes – Using computers to aid melanoma detection

The deadliest skin cancer is melanoma, which will be responsible for over 9,000 deaths in the United States in 20171. Melanoma is unique among cancers in that it arises as a visible and identifiable mark on the surface of the skin – unlike cancers of the breast, lung, or colon that develop hidden from our […]

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Training Watson to see what’s on your plate

Today, we’re introducing our latest AI research in the form of a new beta feature: the IBM Watson Visual Recognition food model. This feature provides a built-in capability for recognizing 2,000+ different foods within images, providing enhanced specificity and accuracy in this content domain compared to Visual Recognition’s general tagging feature. Using the food model, […]

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Spotting Diabetic Retinopathy by analyzing medical images pixel by pixel

Medical images are a rich source of data for clinicians in their diagnosis and treatment of diseases. In fact, specialized fundus photography can help pinpoint tiny pathologies in the eyes of diabetics, revealing signs of diabetic retinopathy (DR), one of the world’s leading causes of blindness. In the vast majority of these cases, early detection […]

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