Traffic at the Intersection of Sensor Data and Social Media

Dublin has one of the most advanced intelligent traffic systems in Europe. The city is full of sensors at its intersections (induction loops counting cars, remotely controlled traffic lights, and traffic cameras) and on its bus fleet equipped with on-board satellite positioning units, all streaming data in real-time. Now, it is turning to crowdsourcing. The […]

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Staring at the Sun

IBM Research solar camera watches for, predicts solar energy The best solar panel only converts about 20 percent of the sun’s rays hitting its surface into usable electricity. On a perfect day at sea level, that panel could generate approximately 200 watts of electricity per square meter. Introduce clouds, shade from trees, or dust in […]

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The Internet of Things for the Industrial Sector

Organizations in the industrial sector – energy, water utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining and transportation – have a lot of pre-existing equipment that isn’t instrumented. Truth be told, the equipment is just old. According to a Wall Street Journal article citing Morgan Stanley, most of the industrial machinery in use is at least 10 […]

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