IBM Quantum Computation Center

Hitting a Quantum Volume Chord: IBM Quantum adds six new systems with Quantum Volume 32

Six months after the first Quantum Volume 32 demonstration, IBM now hosts eight quantum computing systems that cross the QV32 performance threshold. Six of these are completely new systems: three 27-qubit Falcons and three 5-qubit Canaries.

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IBM Quantum Network Adds New Member, Stanford University’s Q-Farm Initiative

At the Q2B 2019 Conference, IBM announced that Stanford University’s Q-Farm initiative, a collaborative with the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, has joined the IBM Quantum Network. As a member organization, Q-FARM will collaborate with IBM to accelerate joint research in quantum computing and develop curricula to help prepare students for careers that will be influenced by this next era of computing across science and business.

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Quantum computation center opens

IBM continues its push toward large-scale adoption of quantum computing with the opening of the first IBM Quantum Computation Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

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