fully homomorphic encryption

IBM Releases Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit for MacOS and iOS; Linux and Android Coming Soon

Often, when I begin explaining fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) to someone for the first time I start by saying that I’ve been working in the field for nearly a decade and yet, I still have to pause to spell it right. So, let’s call it FHE. Half-kidding aside, FHE really sounds like magic when you […]

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Top Brazilian Bank Pilots Privacy Encryption Quantum Computers Can’t Break

More than 5,000 publicly disclosed data breaches and billions of personal records exposed. Hacking attacks and deliberate data exfiltration by insiders leading to leaks of sensitive financial, medical and government information. That’s only in 2019, globally — despite the data often being encrypted. But one of the top banks in Brazil wants to avoid such […]

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Elegant, Disgusting Cryptography

“The prettiest thing I had ever seen” is not how IBM researcher Shai Halevi describes the beaches in Israel where he grew up. Or the sunset after a long day of hiking in Mitzpe Ramon desert. Rather, he saves these words to describe the first time he saw a cryptographic equation as an undergrad student. […]

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