Micro-DataCenter from IBM Research and ASTRON Wins HPC Vendor Innovation Award

Nearly a decade ago IBM electrical engineer and weekend glider pilot Ronald Luijten had a vision to build a data centre the size of a shoe box. “As we know today, the volume of unstructured data and the need to compute it are severely mismatched due in part to the power to energy consumption ratio. I saw an opportunity to address […]

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“When you plan too much you will miss the opportunities that come along”

After 37 years, Ton Engbersen has officially retired from IBM Research – Zurich. His career has spanned such diverse areas as image processing, chip design, communications technology, server technology, legacy management and innovation in outsourcing. In January 2017, Ton was appointed honorary professor of Data Science Engineering in the Institute of Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Engineering (ALICE) of […]

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