data science

Advancing Natural Language Processing for Enterprise Domains

IBM Fellow Salim Roukos provides some specifics on IBM Research’s enterprise NLP work by highlighting four papers IBM Research AI is presenting at the ACL 2019 conference.

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Moringa School, IBM Research Train African Data Scientists

New Data Science Course for Kenyan Students Over the last decade, Kenya has emerged as one of Africa’s technical and financial leaders, experiencing economic growth and spurring innovation in fields such as mobile money, pay as you go solar energy and agriculture. However, for hot fields such as AI, cloud and analytics, the skills of […]

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FEED 2018: Applying Data Analytics to Earth and Environmental Science

The workshop Fragile Earth: Theory Guided Data Science to Enhance Scientific Discovery (FEED 2018) will take place August 20, as part of the Knowledge Discovery and Data mining conference (KDD 2018) in London. The FEED 2018 co-chairs and -organizers all welcome you to join us! FEED 2018 will bring together the research, industry, and policy […]

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