Data Management

Predicting disk failures for reliable clouds

When IT equipment in data centers fail, valuable information and economic resources are at stake. Downtimes in data centers are notoriously expensive. According to the Emerson Network Power Study, nearly $9,000 US are lost for every minute a data center is missing in action. Four scientists at IBM Research – Zurich have devised an algorithm […]

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So What? – Magnetic tape

Moshe Rappoport, Trend Expert, IBM Research THINK Lab in Zurich explains tape storage for the rest of us.

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Storlets: Turning Object Storage into a Smart Storage Platform

  Michael Factor Editor’s note: This blog posting was authored by Michael Factor, Distinguished Engineer and expert on Storage Systems at IBM Research – Haifa Traditional file systems store our information in a tree structure. Although this works fine for small collections of data – like those on our local hard drive – they are […]

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