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Thanksgiving Stuffing and Addressing the Concerns of Future Food Security

Today my American friends in the United States and across the global diaspora will enjoy Thanksgiving. Part of this festivity is the annual feast with family members, which traditionally includes turkey, vegetables, and many wheat-based products including buttermilk biscuits, pies and my favourite, stuffing. While we enjoy the variety of delicious food available to us, […]

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Progress in IBM & Hartree Collaboration Reduces Physical Prototype Testing, Protects Crops from Pests and Improves Mobile Phone Coverage

More than 24 months ago, IBM and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre set an ambitious goal for themselves — enable UK businesses to use modelling, simulation and Big Data Analytics on real problems to develop better products and services that will boost productivity, drive growth, increase UK competitiveness and create jobs. […]

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IBM and Hartree Centre collaboration makes significant progress in first year

In 1907 German chemists at Henkel AG combined sodium silicate with sodium perborate, which when mixed with boiling water resulted in a self-acting textile-friendly and odorless bleach they eventually branded Persil. Nearly 100 years later Persil remains the detergent of choice for millions of households, manufactured and sold globally by multi-nationals including Unilever and Henkel. Those […]

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