Cognitive Horizons

Using AI to help Aging Populations Live Better

The world’s population is rapidly aging: today there are 617 million people over the age of 65. By 2050, that number will jump to 1.6 billion. The population of seniors over 80 is expected to triple in that timeframe, and in some Asian and Latin American countries, it’s expected to quadruple. People might be living […]

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The Best of Minds: IBM’s Commitment to Advancing AI Research with University Partners

IBM’s Cognitive Horizons Network produced more than 70 peer-reviewed AI publications in its first year With over two decades of AI research expertise across our global labs, our scientists take pride in their ability to explore, invent and uncover new innovations, but we also understand that the solutions to the most complex AI problems will […]

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Progress in AI, through collaborative research

IBM’s Cognitive Horizons Network is advancing the science behind cognitive computing by working with the best minds It seems that every day we learn about a new application of cognitive computing. From identifying more effective cancer treatments to analyzing NBA draft picks, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence have arrived and are making a measurable difference […]

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