Cognitive Computing

Meet an IBM scientist who’s using cognitive computing to discover new materials

Imagine trying to discover a new type of metal which is malleable and can withstand heat and rust based not only on decades of internal research and patents, but also external sources, such as peer review papers. Now realize this could be possible at the click of a button. In the near future the processes […]

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The science of tutoring Watson to understand Korean

Born and raised in India, Abe Ittycheriah, has had a fairly cosmopolitan upbringing. He’s also lived in Mexico City and St. Johns in Newfoundland; he went to high school in New Mexico and did his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Rutgers University in New Jersey. While Abe confesses that he isn’t multilingual, he is fluent […]

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In the ladybugs and llamas learning lab

I grew up in an extremely creative family; I have a trumpeter mom, guitarist dad and percussionist brother and stepfather. I am a cellist, and even earned a college scholarship for my playing. So, naturally, I became a computer scientist. I have always approached software development as creating works of interactive art, so the progression […]

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