big data analytics

Capturing the value of place and time with geospatial-temporal insights

IBM Research is introducing an experimental offering named IBM PAIRS Geoscope (Physical Analytics Integrated Data Repository & Services), a unique cloud-centric geospatial information and analytics service that can accelerate the discovery of new insights. Terms like big data, analytics, data science, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have arisen in recent years to help explain […]

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Cornell, IBM Research collaborate to safeguard milk and — in the process — the world’s global food supply

Milk. You probably have it in your fridge, but might not realize that the study of this single beverage can produce insights that could reduce foodborne illness and waste across the entire food system. Next-generation sequencing and big data analytics will identify new ways to eliminate hazards in the food supply chain — using milk […]

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Using AI and science to predict heart failure

Heart disease has been the leading cause of death for decades in the United States so it’s no surprise that heart failure rates, which is a specific type of heart disease characterized by when the heart is too weak to pump blood throughout the body, are on the rise. In fact, the number of American […]

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