GraphQL API Management

GraphQL is an increasingly popular technology for building developer-friendly, flexible to use, and easily extensible APIs.

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Mining Web API Specifications

Online services like Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, LinkedIn, The Weather Company (an IBM business) and IBM Watson – despite their obvious differences – all share one characteristic: application programming interfaces (API). APIs make data and capabilities available to third-party applications. For application developers, web APIs offer tremendous opportunities to integrate vast amounts of data, like social […]

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First steps towards programming a quantum computer over the cloud

Since last year, scientists, students, and the quantum computing curious have been able to explore the world’s first and only cloud-enabled quantum computing platform, the IBM Quantum Experience. They’re running well-known canonical quantum algorithms, such as two-qubit Grover’s Search, and even trying their own experiments on our IBM Cloud-hosted five-qubit quantum processor. We designed the […]

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