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Quick takes on the latest news from the lab, authored by IBM Research editorial staff.

We’ve moved! The IBM Research blog has a new home

In an effort better integrate the IBM Research blog with the IBM Research web experience, we have migrated to a new landing page:

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IBM Quantum Award Winners Announced

The IBM Quantum Awards give educators, students, and independent developers alike the opportunity to show off their skills using the IBM Quantum Experience and Qiskit, and to share their knowledge with IBM’s growing quantum computing community.

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Women at the Forefront of IBM’s Quantum Computing Research

The IBM Quantum team includes a growing cohort of women engaged in every part of the research. In recognition of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we spoke with four women carrying out crucial roles in the quantum computing revolution.

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IBM Quantum Network Adds New Member, Stanford University’s Q-Farm Initiative

At the Q2B 2019 Conference, IBM announced that Stanford University’s Q-Farm initiative, a collaborative with the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, has joined the IBM Quantum Network. As a member organization, Q-FARM will collaborate with IBM to accelerate joint research in quantum computing and develop curricula to help prepare students for careers that will be influenced by this next era of computing across science and business.

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IBM and Wells Fargo Collaborate to Accelerate Innovation

IBM Research is embarking on a multi-year, collaborative effort with Wells Fargo focused on research and learning that is intended to enhance the company’s artificial intelligence and quantum computing capabilities. Together with IBM Research, Wells Fargo plans to accelerate its learnings to inform innovation initiatives that reimagine the future of financial services in a way that is designed to deliver customer experiences that are simple, fast, safe and convenient.

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