Neuromorphic Computing

Fulfilling Brain-inspired Hyperdimensional Computing with In-memory Computing

Scientists around the world are inspired by the brain and strive to mimic its abilities in the development of technology. Our research team at IBM Research Europe in Zurich shares this fascination and took inspiration from the cerebral attributes of neuronal circuits like hyperdimensionality to create a novel in-memory hyperdimensional computing system.   The most […]

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Iso-accuracy Deep Learning Inference with In-memory Computing

Can analog AI hardware support deep learning inference without compromising accuracy? Our research team at IBM Research Europe in Zurich thought so when we started developing a groundbreaking technique that achieves both energy efficiency and high accuracy on deep neural network computations using phase-change memory devices. We believe this could be a way forward in […]

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Novel Synaptic Architecture for Brain Inspired Computing

IBM scientists developed an artificial synaptic architecture, a significant step towards large-scale and energy efficient neuromorphic computing technology.

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